We strive to serve our clients during the financial planning process through deep and meaningful relationships that last for generations.

“I believe that when it comes to financial services, everyone deserves to work with someone they trust. It is our mission to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

- Katherine Kimball

Who We Are

We are independent advisors who specialize in comprehensive planning. Comprehensive planning is the process of learning and understanding each aspect of a client’s life as it relates to finances.


As independent advisors, we are not tied to any one company, which allows us the flexibility to research which companies are well suited for each individual client’s plan. Kimball Financial goes beyond simply selling products or managing investments. We take the time to understand you and the goals you are working towards.


Afterwards, each client has an individualized plan and the guidance to implement that plan. For us, comprehensive planning is not a one-time transaction, but rather, a commitment to helping our clients navigate their ever-changing lives.


Brent and Katherine coach their clients on their financial options, so they may feel educated in choosing a path that both fits their needs and helps them to take active steps towards achieving their financial goals.

What We Do


When you schedule your initial consultation session, we will take the time to get to know you and your financial goals. Together, we will complete a questionnaire, created by Brent & Katherine, to help guide this process. We will also address any questions you may have about the process as a whole. Your introductory consultation session will be free of charge.


 After completing the consultation session, we will have a meeting in which you are presented with our research and recommendations, based on your goals and your specific situation. As independent financial advisors, we have access to a vast selection of companies and products tailored to meet your needs. After reviewing the recommendations, we will discuss how to put your plan into action. 



Once your plan is in motion, we will continue to work together to make sure your plan continues to meet your needs and your ever-changing life. Life is not static, and as your world changes, so will your plan! We will review your plan at least once a year and continue to stay in touch as new events and people enter your life.



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